Why work with BMS Funding?

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We believe in transparency and fairness

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We wont tell you how to run your business

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We are about personal 1 to 1 relationships

People, partnerships and innovation are at the heart of BMS Funding. Whilst the world continues to evolve around us, it’s reasonable to say that much of the Law sector hasn’t kept pace. BMS Funding exists to change this, working with modern and ambitious Law firms so they can lead the way in business growth and the delivery of client centric services.

Firstly we recognise we deal with people; not machines or computers. And so we put people first; that’s you as our clients, also our own team, knowing that, treat people well and they reciprocate. Call it karma if you will; what goes around, comes around.

Let’s face it, we’re all in it to make profit, often seemingly a dirty word, but that’s why our businesses exist. At BMS Funding we believe real success, and profitability comes from business built on Partnerships; working alongside each other to deliver win win results. Partnerships work when there’s a genuine understanding between the parties. We go out of our way to understand you and your business, the vision and goals you want to achieve, and the challenges that could get in the way. And with in-depth knowledge and many years of experience of innovation in the Law sector, BMS Funding works alongside you, your business and partners to provide flexible funding solutions.