VAT and Corporation Tax Funding Loans

Cash Flow Management for your Law Firm

If you have VAT bill stress or Corporation Tax bills are an even bigger worry, we can help. At BMS Funding, we now offer VAT and Corporation Tax loans to suit your law firm through Premium Credit.

VAT returns represent a significant outlay for any law firm and can regularly impact the cash flow of a business. Depending on how much success your practice has had, you can expect to receive a higher VAT bill. A high expenditure up front can leave you running dangerously low for other important areas of your practice.

BMS Funding have collaborated with Premium Credit who offer simple and flexible loans to spread the cost of your VAT bill and to ensure that your practice has working capital where it needs it most.


At BMS Funding, we will help by settling any VAT bills immediately by paying HMIT (Her Majesty’s Inspector of Taxes) and C&E (Customs and Excise) direct on your behalf. While a VAT loan from us will avoid any fines and stresses, it will also allow your law firm to maximise working capital in other significant business areas. With a simple application process, we only require your latest file accounts and previous three months bank statements.

How it works

With an approval rate of 95%, we can offer a manageable repayment plan to settle your loan with monthly payments. VAT loans will be repaid over 3 months by your law firm. Alternatively, corporation tax loans will be paid over 12 months. Interest charged at 4% APR.

To talk to us about how we can help support your practice, please contact us using the details listed below.