Claims Automation for RTA Claims

BMS Funding have launched a new automated RTA claims system that will be able to help reduce the tedious tasks that fee earners have to endure to process a claim. The new automated system will also help improve cash flow by shortening the time it takes to win a case.

Furthermore, BMS can offer this system at no cost. In fact, BMS will pay your firm £150 for each case successfully processed through the automated system.

In conjunction with Claims Technology (CTL) we can now offer a cutting-edge cloud-based case management software for automating the process for RTA portal cases.

The system will sit in front of your current case management software, not replacing it, but working alongside to automate the tedious tasks required by fee earners.

The new system means that law firms will be able to change their operandi in a way that will allow them to continue to run a profitable RTA law firm post the daunting April 2020 reforms, which has been a worry for law firms that rely heavily on their RTA claims work load.

Take a look at the video below that shows the initial onboarding process to see how the AI system can take direct instructions automatically. The demo shows the user interface from your perspective as the firm, but also the client facing side too:

The system will additionally:

  • Carry out all initial checks AskCuePI, MID checks and ID checks
  • Send out CFA for electronic sign up and automatic chase ups
  • Automatically upload to the claims Portal
  • Automatically arrange medical appointments via the MedCo system
  • Automatically prepare stage two settlement packs

Benefits to Law Firms

By using our automated AI system, you will save expensive labour costs processing RTA cases, increase your income by £150 per case, and be able to assist clients Post April and still enjoy a revenue stream. The Automated AI system is zero cost to use.

As a postscript CTL and BMS Funding are now working on automating all different types of claims – EL, PL, ID, Clin Neg, HDR and CWI – these models and additional income streams will be rolled out over the next few months.

For more information on the Automated System, our funding model and how it can benefit your firm, please contact us using the form below.