Disbursement funding – CN, DN and Cat PI.

There’s no doubt that the costs of running complex cases is on the increase. Court fees, expert fees, terms are all on the move, and with the uncertainty around case settlements managing a complex book of cases is tough at the best of times.

So how about we take that worry away from you? BMS can provide you with funding for disbursements on these cases – interest and charge free. 4 years terms, giving you time to manage all but the most complex of cases and we help even in those situations where a case goes beyond 48 months. You can continue to use your preferred experts, or take advantage of the UK’s leading experts, because we pay them week 1, so you don’t have to rely on second best, just to manage cash flow any more. We help you make the right decisions for clients, taking cash flow off the table.

Unlimited funding, drawdowns and money back in your account within 48hrs, that’s our promise to you. Unwind your current disbursement position with BMS, and grow your business, without the limitation of tying up cash.

Find out how Disbursement funding is transforming Law firms across the UK.

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