Interest Free Disbursement Funding

Funding for Disbursement Claims – CN, DN and Cat PI.

The pressure on Law Firms to manage budgets in complex cases has dramatically increased since the Jackson Reforms were implemented in 2013. The challenge of presenting an accurate and proportionate costs budget and/or complying with a Costs Management Order is constantly growing. For legal professionals, maintaining control over costs and managing cashflow is a vital part of running a successful practice.

BMS Funding can provide you with funding for disbursements on these cases – interest and charge free. We provide a term of four years, giving you time to manage all but the most complex of cases and we help even in those situations where a case goes beyond 48 months. Our disbursement funding gives Solicitors the freedom to instruct the best experts in the required field, which will instil confidence in your clients and enhance your Law Firm’s reputation. We help you make the right decisions for your clients, taking the issue of cash flow off the table.

How is a disbursement funding loan paid?

If the claim is successful, a disbursement funding loan is repaid from the proceeds of the claim, i.e. by the losing party. If the case is unsuccessful, you will have a Legal Expenses Insurance policy in place which will cover the repayments.

The benefit to clients

By taking out disbursement funding, clients who could not afford to pursue claims will have the ability to access justice. They will also be able to instruct the best experts in relation to their matter, rather than have to settle for ‘second-best’ due to lack of funds. This is especially important for SMEs who may have a claim against a large institution with deep pockets such as a bank or multi-national.

Why choose BMS Funding to help fund disbursement costs?

BMS Funding’s ethos is focused on helping Law Firms provide excellent service to their clients whilst increasing productivity and managing cash flow. We provide a simpler disbursement funding solution to legal practices, by not charging fees and interest. This means issues surrounding interest on disbursements charged under a DFA (as discussed in Jeffrey Jones and Others -v- The Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change and Coal Products Limited [2013] EWCH 1023) are not applicable.

Our team understands that ambitious Law Firms need access to capital to take on cases which will enhance their reputation for winning and expertise, as well as increasing the number of matters they can manage at any one time. We are focused on not only working with practice CEOs and Managing Partners to achieve this, but also on ensuring the end client themselves receives the best results. Whether it is ensuring clients have access to the best engineering experts during a construction contract dispute, or obtaining expert medical evidence for a patient whose life has been changed by a catastrophic brain injury – we are committed to supporting everyone involved in the case.

We will provide unlimited disbursement funding, drawdowns, and money back into your account within 48 hours. BMS Funding can help you manage your current disbursement costs, serve your clients, enhance your commercial reputation, and grow your business, without the limitation of tying up cash.

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