Commercial Litigation Funding

BMS are at the forefront in developing new market propositions for underserved markets. Commercial litigation funding is the bastion of large international funders who are only after the large cases, class acts and the like. At BMS we like to help no matter what the size of client.

BMS have devised a Commercial Litigation product that can be applied as easily to £100k quantum cases as it can to £5m. This can open the doors for many more clients who haven’t got the confidence to fight a case due to the exposure they have on running cases to the end.

BMS funding provides a commercial litigation funding solution for the law firm that caps the claimant’s exposure from day 1, provides funding to run the case and allows for it to be insured, dibs funded and lawyer fees (no win low fee basis all at no risk to the law firm, or client.)

Sounds to good to be true – come and find out how this works and why it should be the default funding model for your commercial litigation clients.

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