If you have a commercial dispute case, we are here to help you every step of the way

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The UK’s first Commercial Litigation fund for lower value (sub £1m cases)

If you are a business owner/manager with a commercial dispute you wish to pursue – you are at the right place.

  • You know you have a strong case, and you are owed money, but is it worth the risk? The costs can spiral and there are no guarantees?
  • With BMS Funding, the costs won’t spiral, and we guarantee you a fixed financial commitment.

BMS Funding have developed a market leading funding solution to remove the risk from your case, giving you the confidence and freedom to pursue your case.

Business is full of risk, and your job is to manage that risk. That’s ok, you do the right thing, you make good decisions, but you can’t always trust what the “other guy” will do, or in many, cases won’t do?

So if you have a…

  • Shareholder dispute
  • Commercial contract dispute
  • Professional negligence case
  • Property dispute
  • Insolvency
  • Breach of contract

…or any similar commercial cases that you wish to pursue, but are concerned about just how much it will cost – speak to BMS on 0333 939 8151

BMS unique model allows you to lock in your financial commitment of just £20,000 from day 1. No unexpected bills, no worry about the other sides costs (they are fully insured) and if the costs start to increase, we’ll make sure you have the financial backing to continue your case.

  • The first line of defence for any commercial case is security of funds. The Defence will need to see evidence you have the financial capability to fight a case and more importantly pay the costs of your opponent if you lose. If you can’t show this, you are unlikely to be able to pursue your case.
  • BMS provide you with the financial backing you need to run your case, no if’s, and’s or but’s.

With BMS your overall financial commitment is £20,000. If you win your case, additional charges and fees will apply, but these are all agreed at start with you.

Call BMS funding today, or fill in this form, to see how you can benefit from this unique funding model.

0333 939 8151