BMS funding Champions the needs of Clients by offering them the financial support and certainty to take their case to a carefully vetting panel of Law Firms the suits their specific circumstances. This means that BMS does the marketing for you without any additional cost or subscription and provides the ongoing costs and disbursement funding throughout the case. The only obligation on the you as the Law Firm is to sign the Client up on a discounted CFA and insure the case with our preferred ATE provider.

Business owners who have suffered a loss at the hands of a third party, are vulnerable and most likely under some financial stress. Your Clients case may be robust and the prospects of success good, yet they decide not to run the case. Why?

The challenge that most businesses face is a both a lack of trust or faith in the Justice system, but also the unwillingness to commit to what is an uncertain and unpredictable financial contribution in order to reach an appropriate case conclusion.

What solution would empower them to have the confidence in the system, and certainty in their respective investment to instruct you as their solicitor to seek necessary restitution, more often?

BMS are at the forefront in developing new market propositions for underserved markets. Commercial Litigation funding is the bastion of large international funders who are only after the large cases, class acts and the like. But where does that leave the smaller businesses, where the losses can have an even greater impact?

BMS have developed a Commercial Litigation solution which limits their costs from day one to £20,000, that can be applied as easily to £100k quantum cases as it can to £5m. This can open the doors for businesses who haven’t got the confidence, or a blank cheque to fight a case, due to the exposure they have on running cases to the end.

In Summary

  • BMS introduces Clients to your firm or works with your new Clients
  • BMS fixes Client running costs at the outset
  • BMS fund all disbursements for the duration of the case
  • You insure the case with our chosen ATE partner
  • You sign the Client up to a discounted CFA

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