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Being a Lawyer and running a profitable law business is tough. Costs are high, expectations are great, and your clients, seeking redress for injury for many reasons, seldom understand the challenges you have to overcome to give them the best possible chance of winning their case. And why should they? They just want their pain put right as soon as possible.

Let’s face it, despite the often misconstrued perception, it’s pretty tough running a modern, growing and profitable law firm.

And that’s why BMS Funding exists. Our founders have many years’ experience innovating within the legal sector, our mission is to help ambitious law firms deliver the best possible service to their clients whilst maximising your profitability and strengthening cash flow. After all, why shouldn’t you get paid for the true value you deliver; it’s taken years of study and experience for your business to be confident in the professional opinions you provide.

BMS Funding has a number of legal funding solutions to fund your case load within PI (RTA, EL, PL)  Medical Negligence, Housing Disrepair and Commercial Litigation. Our approach is flexible, working with you to ensure you can deliver the best advice to your clients, whilst remaining commercially astute. And saving the best until last, the funding we provide is free! We will provide the cash for your business to provide the utmost professional service to your clients, with no consumer credit agreements, so you can focus on what you do best, whilst business takes care of itself. If it sounds to be good to be true, it’s not! As leaders in financing legal cases, put your trust in BMS Funding to finance your caseload; you’ll never have to compromise again.

BMS Funding can offer you a solution

BMS Funding works in conjunction with major UK funders and is able to provide confidential discount funding on RTA portal case acquisition costs.

PI case funding from BMS Funding Telford

What this means for you?

Cash flow is significantly accelerated and capital is no longer tied up in portal cases.

Acquisition Funding

What it does

Specifically provides legal funding for the acquisition of EL/PL and RTA cases to give you the ability to increase your marketing spend and keep consistent growing volume of cases coming into your business.

What you get

We will provide you c. £600 per case, this will be provided interest and charge free for 6 months (RTA) and c.12months (EL/PL), giving you time to settle the case and get paid before the money is due to be repaid. Where cases last longer than 6/12 months interest becomes payable at 1.5% per month.

Client Benefits

BMS provide the ATE cover which has enhanced cover to underwrite any rehabilitation treatment that has been undertaken. BMS put the customer at the centre of what we do, treatment is made available immediately a case has been funded, at nor risk to you the firm, the client or the funder, putting their life back to get as soon as possible. Your clients can begin their treatment within 48hrs of the CFA being signed with BMS.

Disbursement Funding

What it does

Provides cash to enable law firms to pay the disbursement costs on cases throughout the duration of a claim. This includes Court fees, ATE deposits, expert reports and barrister’s opinion.

What you get

Access to legal funding that will provide you the monies you pay out of your business back within 48hrs (excluding weekends). Allows you to unwind your disbursement fund position, and gives you the flexibility to use existing experts via our Specialist MRO’s. Also ensures you no longer select experts based upon financial terms but on who is best for your client.


Client Benefits

The confidence that their solicitor has the funds available to push the case as far and hard as necessary. Certainty that the defendant knows that monies are available to pursue to the end. Knowledge the law firm will be selecting the best experts available increasing the chance of success materially for the client.

Bespoke Solutions

BMS recognise all firms are different. We don’t just stick with our standard models. We can support your business in several diverse ways. So, if you have a specific need for funding then speak to us. This may include HDR or CWI legal funding, which requires a combination of both acquisition and disbursement funding, or costs funding. We can tailor our models to work with you and have done successfully several times before.

Who we are?

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BMS Funding Ltd. offers a range of legal funding solutions tailored to suit the individual needs of forward thinking PI law firms.

It might help you to know the type of Law firms we work with. There is a commonality amongst our clients in their ambitious aspirations to grow and develop their businesses, to evolve to reflect the changes we face in life and in business, and to run a modern and professional law practice. What all our clients face is the challenge of financing growth in areas such as marketing and business development, case loads, new services and working capital. The old adage, “Cash is King” has never been truer, and here at BMS Funding, we typically work with Law practices operating in:

  • Personal Injury
  • Medical Negligence
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Housing Disrepair

And the structure of those we are best placed to help are:

  • New Law firms and high growth start-ups
  • Established Law firms with ambitious scale-up plans
  • Traditional Law firms wanting to release capital tied up to fund growth

These clients typically use BMS Funding to finance case acquisition and case disbursements, but we know each Law firm is different; contact us on 0333 212 7151 to explore how BMS Funding can provide the right legal funding solution for you.

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